Grasan engineering specializes in the efficient integration of materials to produce your project. An engineered design benefits the process by offering greater strength, less weight, less costly material selection and can reduce manufacturing time and/or installation times.

For example, our decades of experience has taught us that designing and engineering larger structure elements are more easily fabricated in the the shop vs. in the field. The net result is a strong structure that will provide many years of service and have an overall lower cost.

Grasan’s Engineering Process

  • Provide technical support to sales and customers before and after the sale
  • Develop understanding of customer’s needs
  • Propose design(s) with alternatives when appropriate
  • Evaluate of use standard equipment and implement customizations as required.
  • Provide installation and maintenance support
  • Layout and parts drawings
  • Anchor pad geometry and locations
  • Review existing designs to identify potential improvements in functionality and manufacturability.