Grasan’s entrepreneurial effort serves our clients’ needs very well due to the fact that we collaborate with a wide array of service providers and processing equipment manufacturers. Doing so encourages the unbiased and impartial service needed by each unique customer application and specific project.

Prior to any estimate, proposal or firm quotation, Grasan Equipment Company routinely invests many hours and resources to develop a full and firm understanding of each customer’s requirements. Our communications with you will contain important and relevant information such as pre-engineering specifications, leadtimes and pricing information that customers use for their planning purposes as well as to analyze their business investment options.

Grasan works with:

  • customers
  • equipment manufacturers
  • component manufacturers
  • industry trade associations
  • industry trade shows
  • policy makers
  • service providers
  • equipment installers
  • construction management firms
  • engineering firms
  • independent consultants
  • steel contractors/erectors
  • independent sales representatives